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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019
UPDATE: I feel like I owe it to this company to update my review. They have without question, been improving the product - across the board. Video quality, trigger time...not there yet with distance but with how fast they are improving - I suspect they will get there soon. Also, the CEO sent emails around to connect with his patrons to let them know they are working on it AND sent me an additional Blink as a courtesy. They are mindful and I sincerely appreciate that. I hope to update this again from 3 stars to 5.

OLD Review Below:

Adding some more disappointing tips...the app is so busy, it can be disorienting. Not designed very intuitive, you can't control the storage. But the MOST annoying factor is the trigger - there is a 10 second pause after it stops. So if someone activates it by throwing something at it, they know they have a 10 second window minimally to then pass the camera without being caught. I got this to watch my cat while I'm at work to make sure he's safe coming and going and literally can't see him because of this delay. Below is my initial experience:

POS. The serial numbers don’t register, you sit on hold for customer service for what says one minute then jumps to 17 mins, then it looks like it connects only to get radio silence. Then I get someone - and they use a POS phone system that you can’t hear anything.

Do yourself a favor and get NEST. This is an amateur product. Ugh. 👎👎👎
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