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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2018
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I really wanted to love this set. However, the “space saving” design causes some problems.
First, I really love the size of these. We have a large family and these pans seem up to the task of our family in terms of size. I do have bigger stock pots, but this one is big enough for some things.
Second, I really like the nonstick on these. It seems very durable and it actually works. I generally shy away from nonstick coated pans, but these don’t bother me much.
Now on to my issues with these. First, the space saving design doesn’t same much vertical space. I have gotten used to storing pans nestled together and then lids separate. This just has you pretty much stacking everything without much nesting. That creates vertical storage issues. The pans are also wider than my taller under counter cabinets are. I can fit them in the cabinet, but have to slide them through the cabinet door sideways. When you’re stacking this huge heavy pan stack, that itself is problematic and I end up having to take every single item out and placing them back in order from bottom to top. I also had to clear out this particular cabinet because I usually store my pans in a higher cabinet, but the height wouldn’t work in those.
My next issues are functional. The handles of these pans always get blazing hot. Like cooking with an iron skillet, you cannot touch the handles without an oven mitt. Even on the stove top, the handles heat up with the pot. Even the skillet handle. I got quite a few burns before learning to treat these like an iron skillet.
My final issue is the lids. They are made with the lid handles to the side instead of on top. This means the entire lid, including the handles, is always hot. There is no simple lifting of the lid to stir. You have to use a pot holder every single time. And because the handles are on the side for the “space saving” issues, it makes the lid awkward to hold when you’re just lifting it for a minute to stir. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve burned myself on these stupid lids.
So, in attempting to solve space issues in your cabinets, they have created pans that have entirely different problems. I had gotten my space issues handled, so the new problems are just frustrating for me.
These pans are really well made, great size, and great quality. I’m just not a fan, at all, of the space saving design aspects. I’d prefer the classic versions of these pans.
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