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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017
After careful consideration, I elected to purchase this model based on the multiple positive reviews. That being said, my only complaint is the sparse instructions and recipes within the instruction manual. The photos were helpful but the English instructions were vague and somewhat confusing. Otherwise, I am so pleased with this device itself. I chose the larger model because it was only marginally more expensive and I'm so glad I did, as the extra diameter was more forgiving during the processing of the dough.

Although I rarely indulge in pasta, I enjoy making homemade food as often as I can. With all the strange hidden & chemical ingredients added to commercially prepared food being a concern for me, I prefer the ingredients contained within the food I make myself; this makes me feel good about what I am feeding my family, undoubtedly like many of my fellow cooks.

I went through the many reviews/ recipe suggestions and I drew very heavily from the review of the 150mm version by UpperDown (thank you so much!). I'd like to add a few details I found through other research as well. I was so grateful for UpperDown's recommendation of a scant 1/2 teaspoon each of oil and salt per egg, what was lacking was a definitive amount of flour expected per each egg. I followed his/ her recommendation of using equal parts 00 semolina and regular flour (also purchased together on Amazon); my research determined approximately 3/4 cup of total flour per egg. My food processor was not available at the time I made this recipe so I used my Nutribullet. With the intention of producing enough for pasta for 2 or 3 people: first I blitzed 2 eggs in the Nutribullet, added 1 tsp each of olive oil & kosher salt, blitzed. I added half of the total flour (equal parts semolina & regular flour mixed, total 1 1/2 cups), blitzed. Scraped down interior of container, added nearly all of remaining flour, blitzed. The majority of the dough appeared to be the texture of coarse sand, smaller than half pea size. I scraped it all out onto the clean kitchen counter and kneaded it all together for a few minutes until no longer sticky at all, almost Playdoh in texture. The ball was approximately the size of a large orange, or small softball.

I followed UpperDown's recommendation to allow the dough to rest 30 minutes in a warm place, wrapped in plastic wrap. I'm so glad I did! The texture had changed to a more cohesive dough. I flattened the ball slightly, cut off a third, rewrapped the rest. I rolled the dough through the machine on the 0 setting, folded in half, rolled through 0 again, no additional flour needed. I repeated this process through settings of 1-5, folding in half each time, back through each setting twice. As I rolled the dough, it became less & less grainy appearance; smoother & silkier each time. Total rolling of each section of dough was approximately 12 times.

I selected the larger size cutter for my pasta (fettuccine?). Prior to using the device, I had run a folded piece of parchment paper through each of the device's sections to remove any residual oil from manufacturing. I was never able to achieve a perfectly rectangular piece of rolled pasta, but it didn't matter. I just ran it through the cutting wheel and it fell into a lovely little pile! I placed the pile of cut pasta into a clean, folded tea towel. I repeated with another 3rd of the dough as above, until all dough was processed. Unfortunately, one piece of uncut dough was really long (~ 18-20 inches) and I forgot to divide it in half before I put it through the cutter. These super long pieces of pasta were unwieldy to eat. I should have used scissors to cut the strands in half before cooking, or remembered to divided it into 9 or 10 inch section of dough before cutting.

I boiled in salted water for 2 minutes ONLY while I made a quick scampi style sauce. It was delicious. It readily served 2 people with 2 generous servings leftover.

As UpperDown stated in her review, no additional flour was needed for processing, so the pasta machine required no real cleanup, aside from my fingerprints. UpperDown suggested using wax paper to feed through the machine to clean it, I used the parchment paper I had on hand. It worked wonderfully. I wiped the exterior down. Done!

I was so pleased, I purchased this same larger model for my foodie friend, including the pasta flour set, as a gift! Highly recommend!

I hope the additional details regarding the recipe are helpful, fellow foodies! Enjoy!
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