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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2019
This mount while sounds good in theory , the practical application is lacking a little.

1. The large bar in the middle of the mount is horrible. If you studs are PERFECTLY center it will work, but if the mount needs to slide left of right this is only good for a few inch of sliding left or right before the bar in the middle stops you. This in turn may mean you can not center your TV exactly where you want, and may end up quite a bit off center.
2. When you assemble this mount the TOP pieces do fit together but are NEVER level, I guess the mount does make up for that somewhat in having post leveling adjustments, it still makes placing a good level on it to get the bracket level on the wall more difficult.
3. The bolts that come with the mount are decent for 'most' TV's, however most Samsung TV's require longer bolts to fit inside the tophats which this mount does NOT supply. Also the lags are THIN and I would not recommend using them for anything other than straight into a stud through drywall. (Stack stone, hardy board, anything that has any space between the mounting bracket and stud you will probably need to supply your own lag bolts)
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