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Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019
I have both a traditional merchant account with a large bank, and a Square account because my business travels and sometimes a phone line is unavailable for my Verifone machines. Up until this Square register purchase, my staff were using Square phone readers (the plug in kind) on their cell phones where traditional phone lines were unavailable. Not a big deal, but sometimes phone batteries would run down quick. Same thing with the Square bluetooth cube: battery can run down much quicker and sometimes BT would disconnect when trying to make a sale. Additionally some customers didn't feel comfortable with no printed receipt, or their card being swiped on someone's phone. SO..this terminal is VERY NICE! It works exactly the same and looks the same as the Square phone app & dashboard, so no learning curve for staff. It even prints receipts, which is nice because some folks still don't want receipts emailed or texted. This machine worked flawlessly right out of the box, and after a whole day of use the battery had barely gone down. You can easily connect to wi-fi anywhere. A power cord and accessories hub was included in my purchase, so even if the battery gets low, a quick plug in will keep you in business. The accessory hub allows you to connect via ethernet cable if you can't use wi-fi, and it also has USB ports so you can connect other devices, charge phones, etc. The machine has a substantial weight to it and seems sturdily built. I can't think of any negatives; I'm really surprised at how nice it is. I felt it was a little pricey but perhaps that is because it is new, and unlike traditional terminals, doesn't require your bank to download software. So it acts more like a computer than a regular terminal. The print quality is very nice, and in your Square dashboard you can add a custom message to your receipts. You will also see any items you have created in your dashboard so you can keep track of which items sell the most; you can see and print reports from the terminal as well. Time will tell if it will hold up but for the first day of business it was excellent and I am very pleased with my purchase.
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