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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020
I purchased this as i always do with the latest and greatest echo devices. This was a sour Disappointment for someone who is used to amazon improving on their devices yearly.

1. They shipped my Black echo, with a WHITE cord, In the past the cord color matched the device, why change?
2. The charger is Noticeably larger and cheaper looking, sporting rounded corners and a bulky design.
3. The sound quality vs my 2nd Gen Dot has actually gotten worse. This speaker lacks bass and is very "hollow" sounding. The gen 2 speaker blows the gen 3 out of the water, IMO they majorly cheaped out to get you other features like an Ai core and a bulkier bigger device, in bigger packaging, requiring more shiping cost, a poor trade off for quality.
4. Its fabric mesh, and construction seem cheaper than previous generations, it is significantly lighter than a previous gen (my guess is a small speaker magnet and more airspace due to its odd shape)
5. Its small, i thought the ball was cool, big and substantially, Like a speaker should be, but its tennis ball sized and looks like a childs toy, or a cheap bluetooth speaker you got for $5.....
6. It has this awful "sheen" to the plastic that makes it look like some Chinese garbage product....
7. The buttons feel awful and cheap compared to previous generations.

It has underglow now.

Overall its clear this product was rushed, or had a strict budget in which a lot of its features, and quality were stripped. The gen2 dots are amazing, and if you weren;t going to make them better, why release a gen 3?

It costs more, its much much worse in basically every category, and in my opinion, is a complete fail. Its supreme selling a brick because you want it. Buy a gen2, you'll be happier
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