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Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2017
Mountain House pilot crackers are much less expensive than Saratoga Farms brand, and they are so good to have on hand for emergencies. Pilot crackers are not like ordinary crackers. They are thicker, sturdier and more satisfying than a light and fluffy saltine cracker. They are more in the tradition of hard tack, a civil war military type ration. You can think of using pilot crackers in an emergency in two ways:
1) As a side dish for soups, or freeze dried meals. Since freeze dried foods have a monotonous texture the crackers will give your meal a much needed crunch.
2) As a bread substitute when you won't be able cook. For a long term emergency, look for cheese in a can from Australia (Bega) or be sure to have peanut butter, sunbutter, or tuna on hand. I buy small cans of pickle relish and mayonnaise to go with the tuna so I always have something ready to make a tuna salad. I usually always also have fresh onions and celery as well as freeze dried on hand to make a simple tuna salad.
Trust Mountain House for tasty camping and emergency meals with a long shelf life.
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