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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2016
I am constantly trying to find ways to feed my 5 year old's love of space. He knows all the planets, many different aspects about each planet, their sizes, their moons, the notable stars, the black hole, comets, meteors, the ISS, you name it. I am amazed at his knowledge level and especially the fact that I didn't teach him any of it. The educational space videos on the Angry Birds space app deserve the credit for kicking off his knowledge and interest in space. I only came in later to supplement with reading materials and tangible visuals. Being an educator I understand the importance of taking advantage of children's love for learning. He is so welcoming of new scientific information that I would be amiss not to find various ways to entertain his brain with space facts.

I purchased the National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space (which is a book I wish I could give 10 stars - and I have a review on that page) and this Dr. Seuss book for Christmas. We have a deep love for Dr. Seuss in our home, and it just so happens that he and my son turned out to share the same birthday (random and useless fact :-). But I said that to say that my son also has a love for Dr. Seuss and feels like Dr. Seuss (whom he calls his friend) wrote all of his books just for him, LOL. The National Geographic book has vivid imagery, with the facts presented in more of an educational format with chapters, introductions, etc. so it is great for serious learning. This book (while not written by Seuss) follows in true Dr. Seuss fashion, with humor, fun words and phrases, creative rhymes, and laughable images. I like the mnemonics used to reinforce learning, though I was concerned about this because my son already knows the content and I did not want him to get confused. So far this has not been a problem. Even though the information is familiar, the Seuss-speak draws my son to this book day after day. It is one of his chosen books for bedtime reading.

This book is creative, educational, accurate, and entertaining. Definitely a must-have for any little space lover.
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