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Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2017
The Dorman does the job but is not a perfect replacement by any stretch.
Get the ACDelco 11A16 Professional Front Driver Side Power Window Regulator with Motor instead. It's a perfect replacement for ease of install.
I found several issues with the Dorman I'd like to share to have you avoid additional work and most importantly a product that doesn't fit as well as it should. Disclaimer for this is Amazon Garage stated it fits my 2001 GMC Yukon XL, which it did but with compromises to the integrity of the regulator. Note the door frames for many GMC and Chevy trucks for several model years are the same so these issues will likely affect you too.Dorman just tried to save a few bucks by skimping out on some details.
*The Original and AC Delco replacement comes with 6 bolt anchor points, 3 on each track, with the holes pre-drilled in the car door frame to accommodate them. The Dorman only comes with two bolts for the top and two welded bolts with accompanying nuts for the bottom for a total of only 4 anchor points and a fifth on the included motor is blocked by the door frame (more on this below). The sixth bolt anchor is non existent on the track without the motor (left track as pictured) so you're out of luck there. Very disappointing to see the Dorman will not be bolted down as securely as the original or the AC Delco replacement.
*You can add a fifth bolt anchor point if your willing to drill into the car door's sheet metal to access the anchor point on the included motor. If your reusing your original motor you may not have to do this. I replaced the whole regulator assembly as delivered which includes the new motor. This requires drilling a hole yourself if you want the all important motor fastened down and not have it bang around inside your door while driving.
*The original comes with two hang tabs so you can fasten down the tracks "hands free" and they also act as a guide. The Dorman does not have these.
*The quality difference is most apparent with the metal glass clamps and rubber grips and this is what I was most disappointed with. They are must better built on the AC Delco and much larger. The Dorman skimped out on the rubber and the metal clamp and it looks half the size of the original.
*Tracks come pre-lubricated but I added some extra to ease operation
The product does work and it does fit with some modifications if you want to regain the fifth bolt anchor point, but life is just much easier with the AC Delco instead. Hate is a strong word but I am in the dislike camp for sure. Considering the compromises and the extra work involved, it's not worth getting the cheaper knock off. Spend the extra ~$25 and get the real deal. You'll be glad you did!
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