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Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2018
I can echo all of the baby acne concerns below. My little girl was born with perfectly pink, healthy skin that felt smooth and was all things new baby skin is expected to be; even our pediatrician commented on how nice her skin was. Then week 3 came along and it seemed like overnight my baby had a face full of acne which spread under her chin to her chest, shoulders, and back. My first had some millia but never acne. I tried to let it go as recommended and just clean it with warm water but it worsened. I think the heat and messy eating further exacerbated the issue so I wanted to find a way to at least combat sweat and sticky milk and giving my baby a bath 3 times a day was not an option. I have been using the Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water for 4 days. The first day I used it twice on her face and left it on as if it were a toner and used it under her chin, neck, and chest when needed after messy eating. I noticed some improvement but it was short lived. Day two it almost seemed to make my daughter's skin worse BUT after an hour it was almost as if the skin absorbed the cleanser and it was noticeably much more clear and the redness from the bumps went away. Day three we still had some rashy looking baby acne on the sides of her cheeks but her face was looking much healthier and clearer. I left the cleanser on for an hour, then dabbed her face with a cool damp cloth and this combination has almost completely cleared my baby's face. YAY! The chest and back baby acne has been a bit more stubborn but has definitely been minimized. I used the Mustela on my own face to see what it felt like and to see how my skin would react and it felt clean, albeit sticky-like at first, and gave me no adverse reactions and my skin felt fresher for sure. My daughter and I have not experienced any dryness and I have used it on her balding (naturally occurring before this product) scalp and so far we have not experienced cradle cap, she is 5 weeks. And yes it smells lovely, too.
In short: it's working wonders. We use it 2-3 times a day. I dab her face with a cotton ball of this product, leave it on for about an hour, then dab her face with a cool cloth. Give it 5 days, it may get worse on day 2 or 3 but it wI’ll get better the following day or two.
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