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Another Update:
Been using now since August 2019. The price is good. Easy to install. Video is good. Cameras are good. System works... If you want to simply monitor your yard and house then the investment is worth it.

I have 3 cameras. One in the front yard. One in the back yard and one in the basement. For my needs works OK. If you need a Secure System... then maybe not what you need... the battery life is over optimistic... and they should drop the 2 year claim... under test conditions may last but under real conditions will not last... I am on the 3rd set of batteries and in 6 months...
After the camera logs a video the camera has to retrigger... the retrigger/reset time you can set... but you don't get video during this retrigger interval... the video is also transmitted to a server over the internet and this takes time...

It's uses wifi and there is a distance issue with the sync module and the cameras... I finally found a sweet spot and the cameras now work fairly well... this is my first security system... and don't know if a wired system is more robust?

So, if all you want to do is monitor your property...and you don't require an absolute secure system then I would recommend... pulling every thing together, cost, ease of use and installation and a monitoring system only, it works well for me...

I'm completely reWriting my Review. There is GOOD and BAD about this Security Camera Kit.

After using for 2 days the single camera kit on the back porch, I today bought the 2 camer kit for the front yard. The blink is perfect, and if you demand perfection, then this camera may not be for you...

THE GOOD; inexpensive, easy to set up, no wires (a 2.4 gh wifi needs to be replaced with 5.0 ghz), small, light camera with good video and decent audio ( 2 way), good motion detection and trigger of video (there is a lag between ending of video and the trigger of the next video), the application is adequate and fairly easy to master, appears to be lots of instructional video and information, there is a help staff, deleting the video is easy

THE BAD: the hanger is TERRIBLE, needs to be replaced. 2.4 ghz wifi so the wifi coverage could be bad or spotty, depending on where you place your cameras, LIVE STREAM

I received a jury summons on Friday, July 26... I have a young dog, 15 months old who has been living with me for 13 months... I'm 69 and live alone. We haven't been seperated for more than a few hours in the 13 months. And, I've crated her when I do leave the house.

Serving on Jury Duty, I can't crate her, so I will have to leave her on the back porch. There are gates at either end of the porch and the porch has a roof. She should be safe if I have to serve on a Jury.

I bought this Camera Kit primarily for the LIVE VIEW. Hoping I would get a continuous LIVE stream. After using for 2 days, I know this simply ain't gonna' happen. The Sync Module manages the camera and connects to the WIFI system with 2.4 ghz WIFI. My home WIFI is a 5.0 ghz network. The 2.4 ghz wifi doesn't give you as wide a coverage, so the camera on the back porch and the sync module mid way between the router and the camera doesn't get the job done.

So don't buy the blink camera kit if LIVE VIEW is important to you. Maybe if the "blink team" would move the kit into the 21st century and use 5.0 ghz wifi, LIVE STREAM might work better.

So I was really disappointed when the LIVE STREAM didn't work as well as I wanted.

After using for 2 days and putting the poor live stream behind me, I looked at what the BLINK does do well...

Motion Detection is pretty good. In some instances, may be too sensitive. You will need to adjust.

You can set the camera to take different clip lengths up to 60 seconds. The camera takes excellent video and the wifi is good enough to transfer the clips to the cloud. Then notifications are received on your preferred device, iphone or ipad. I haven't figured out how to use on my Imac... not sure if there is windows support. Also not sure how to save the video off the cloud to my computer... I usually delete and the space is recovered...

The hanger is flimsy and needs to be replaced. I placed a towel below the camera in case it falls... to prevent damage.
The hanger is plastic, requires some amout of muscle and pressure to press the camera down to secure... there is no indication when yuu succeed in connecting the camera to the hanger.

The motion detector is excellent, the wifi is a challenge...

Conclusion... If an extended live view stream isn't important, a flimsy hanger, and 2.4 ghz wifi isn't a problem then this might be the system for you...
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