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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2019
In an ideal world you would build your cloud infrastructure from scratch using Terraform and the world makes sense but that's not at all what happens. I can probably say that 98% of all the DevOps Engineers/Developers/Linux Engineers/SREs have an existing cloud infrastructure already in place and this book MISSES that completely. The author never goes over how one could take existing production cloud infrastructure and code it all. His examples are all to simple with just an ALB with 2x EC2 Instances and an Auto Scaling Group with the Default VPC. Never builds any DBs, API Gateways, Lambda Functions, Kubernetes, Cloudfront, Route53 etc... It has some nice topics on testing but that's about it. The rest is very disappoiting. I would not recommend this book as it wasn't worth the price.
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