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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2012
Overall, another great read by Rick Riordan. I love the complexities of the relationships. I kind of feel bad for Leo, but that's his lot in life. The relationships between Piper and Jason and Percy and Annabeth are well drafted. I'm so glad to finally hear Annabeth's heart and inside her head. And the Percabeth love story, with their struggles just to be together, was well written and exciting. Piper and Jason were fairly well explained, but I wish we could know just a little more. It feels like their love story is written mostly from Jason's view and less from Piper. Perhaps, that's just because they don't have much of a story yet...more in the next book?. I do feel like there is a background story to Percy and Annabeth...perhaps based in Greek mythology?...that gives more depth to their role. I don't think it's just a 21st Century affair.

I really wish there had been more of a story with Hazel and Frank, though. They were explained alright in Son of Neptune, but they are neglected in Mark of Athena.

Leo definately took center stage...especially the ending. I want so badly to see him succeed and for everyone to see his true heart. Definately loving Leo almost as much as the Percy/Annabeth saga.

Pretty much hate the Romans right now...but I guess that's the point. I hope Reyna can work her magic. Or that Octavian falls in a ditch and gets buried...either/or. :)

It's going to be an agonizing wait...Rick Riordan, you are cruel for that ending, but I absolutely loved it. Great work! Do we have a name or even a possible release date to mark on the calendar?
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