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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021
I agree with the reviewer who said "not worth the price even at free" its just awful. I must say, I am a Cher superfan, but even I learn new facts about her through documentaries. Not this... the information is inaccurate, not even lining up with information directly from Cher herself (her memoir and The Cher Show being 2 examples. The chronological order is all wrong, and it in no way represents her life accurately. For a big fan it was nice to watch the few (readily available on Youtube) clips (one of which I noticed was captioned incorrectly) but if you're watching this to learn about Cher's story and timeline, go elsewhere.
The part that offended me enough to write this review is her movie career, they went straight from Silkwood, to her Oscar win with Moonstruck, skipping essential parts of the story, such as the 4 films released in those 5 years, and the blatant Oscar snub of Mask, causing her to present in the headdress after "receiving the academy handbook on how to dress like a serious actress" that's a pop culture moment that everyone should recognize. They've also dead named Chaz multiple times, and for some reason refuse to use his correct pronouns, disgusting.
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