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Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2015
This book takes a broad, enlightening and inspiring look geographically and through many different cultures at women's issues and the issue of gender equality. I enjoyed it and it informed my feminist journey. I first read about the Nordic Model in this book. I often refer back to anecdotes and stories in this book and compare them to ongoing feminist debates in North America. One example are the issues of maternal mortality and women dying for want of Cesarian sections in Africa. I often reflect back on that when I listen to the "natural vs cesarian" debates in North America. Is it really a feminist issue to say that women's bodies can give birth easily and birth is inherently safe ? What would the women in sub saharan Africa think about that ? Another women's issue raised in this book was of women shunned by families and their villages due to fistula (at least in one case in this book a partner hoped for his wife to die because she smelt so bad due to her injuries). I wondered whether we have an equivalent in North America ? This book contains some harrowing tales and difficult topics but it also contains a lot of hope and inspirational happy endings.
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