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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2016
This stuff is the Awesome! Used a hand Dollar store spray mister and medium sifter. Works fine.
Also DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT do this inside. It's a very fine dust that goes everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Cleaning it off stuff in another room and the hardwood floors is not fun. Had no idea it was going airborne on me. Thought I had it contained using a high sided box on the test 2 foot tree. I did not. I was wrong.
Also glad I bought the big bag. The 5 pound bag would not have been enough for heavy flocking for a 6 foot tree much less my fat 9 foot one. This should be just enough to do the job and have a tad for touch ups next year if needed.
Check out the tube video to show how to DIY it with the hand spray bottle. Spray to wet the branch, sift from about twofeet above the branch while spraying the flowing powder. DO NOT SPRAY the sifter by accident because you aren't paying attention. If you do, simply rinse the sifter and dry well before staring again.
Spray one more time after you get enough flock powder on to suit you. That will set the product into a durable , hard coat that looks just like icy snow.
If you want more flakey show, then mist less on the last spray. I wanted a thick impervious coat so I misted the heck out of it.
Take your time. Don't go commando like I did and use a sieve because it had bigger holes and I was impatient. You will bet something that looks like a serious blizzard vs fallen snow.
You can add glitter before the last spray and it sets if you want but a little opalized clear glitter goes a long way. Looks sparkling and fancy. I did it on the tiny tree the next day after it dried and set the glitter with a light spray bottle mist. It held even upside down. Don't ask why the tree was tested upside down. Stuff happens around my house. Also the flock doesn't fall off if the tree gets knocked over. Just sayin.
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