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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2018
"Peter will love Lara Jean with all his heart, always"


I have missed Lara Jean for YEARSSSSS.

So thank you Jenny Han for finally giving this book to me. So before I even started this book, I swear, I looked at it and said... "Damn you Lara Jean, you better still be with Peter and stay with him for the rest of your life or I will drop this book into my fireplace and never read you again." (Yes, I can be that dramatic). Luckily the book is still intact with no fire damage.

So, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, is a follow-up to Lara Jean's story. In this book you are following her throughout her senior year of high school, and boy is she busy. She's preparing for college, her dad is getting married, her sister Margot is coming home, oh and she's still in love (like head over heels baby) with boyfriend Peter. She wants everything to stay on its course and go has planned...but of course Jenny couldn't let that happen. What good is a book without the main character going through something. It isn't, so of course Lara Jean's plans get ruined and now she has to change her plans drastically.

I love how Lara Jean's character continues to grow and I am actually really sad that there's not going to be another book. Also, I enjoyed getting more of the sisters too :) I think I read a review on the book and it said "A world without Peter Kavinsky would be a very sad world indeed" AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT. I am so happy they didn't stay broken up--because again...I would've burned this book without looking back. If you haven't noticed I love his character and I love their relationship. Honestly they are so darn cute and are truly a realistic high school relationship. They are going through relatable decisions that an everyday high school student goes through, heck even college or adults.

The one character I 100% did not like was Peter's mom. I wanted to bitch slap her so hard. I hope no parent treats her like that ever.

I will definitely be re-reading this trilogy for as long as I live because I just love Jenny Han and her writing. I really need to read her other books. Please don't ever stop writing Jenny :(
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