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Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2017
For so many years now I have been amazed at the power we have to heal ourselves. Especially after witnessing my husband heal himself from a C5 fracture in 5 different places. The doctors said he would never walk again! He sure proved them wrong! I witnessed every day in the hospital how my husband Rafael would go into silence for hours at a time and didn't know what he was doing. Not until years after did he share how he would go into his body and talk to his bones, neck and brought even helpers inside of his mind to help him heal. And so it was! He not only healed himself completely, but even doctors today can't even see his fracture since he was so precise in what he wanted for himself. So thank Dr. Joe Dispenza for sharing with the World your words of wisdom and that through science as well, you are able to explain how each and every one of us can change our lives instantly! All we have to do is have the courage, strength, focus and determination to make it happen. We are all of course, super natural beings and it is time we take control of our lives and stop blaming others for our lives!
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