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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020
I gave this monitor three stars because of the extremely misleading posting. This is a monitor full of features and compromises.

Lets start with the refresh rate. It is 144hz, if you run it with 8-bit colors that look terrible, if you switch to 10-bit you have to run it at 120hz.

Lets talk about that 1ms response time. Nope, that only happens with extreme over-drive that distorts the picture to the point that the monitor becomes unusable. Expect about 5ms of response time with this monitor.

Next HDR is completely useless, either windows HDR or the monitor HDR, just pretend this feature doesn't exist as windows HDR cause the colors to be washed out, and the monitor's HDR will just tweak some settings but will not display better dynamic range. Keep in mind that IPS displays have atrocious contrast, and this is a very dim display at only 350 nits.

The monitor looked so bad out of the box that I seriously considered returning it, but after a bit of tweaking and switching it to 10-bit colors its a lot better. The image quality if a far cry from my old 27" dell 4k, but its passable with decent viewing angles, and the faster refresh rate is nice for gaming.

Overall this is a fine monitor, just don't think you'll get all the advertised features together.
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