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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2019
I bought this so my mother didn't have to bend over while lifting disorganized, heavy pans all around. It is just so painful for her. I made a mistake when measuring the space available in the lazy susan. It had about 1 or 2 inches of clearance. But you have to be able to put it in sideways and then lift it up into place, and there was not room for that, no matter what we tried. But, the good news is that it comes in 2 parts. So we happily use them as 2 separate units, back to back. This works even better for us, because now there is a place at the top of both of them for big pans. that fits 2 big pans! But since we aren't using it properly, the big pans wanted to slide off. No problem - we put that anti-skid squishy stuff and sewed it onto the top 'shelf' things. We used some fish line instead of thread - easier and more durable that way. Now it is WONDERFUL. Mom can lift in pans in and out much easier. Every little thing that makes life less painful is a big win.

It seems solid, even more so when it was put together as intended. It has a place to screw the base into your cabinet, but even used as 2 separates, we didn't need to do that - not even on a lazy susan. A little paint scratched off when we separated the metal pieces. But most people won't put them together and then take them apart. This is a great product.
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