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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019
I ordered this as a gift to my bf and this is his review:

-“Overall the Deck box came undamaged and completely sealed and new. the cards contained were all there and neatly packaged inside the deck box itself. by far one of the best investments paid for for any duelist or collector looking to get their hands on legendary cards for a fraction of the price. all 5 pieces of exodia are included in the yugi deck build which compared to buying all 5 pieces by themselves for over 30 dollars makes this a steal of a buy!. its not an exact copy of the deck used in the actual anime series however its a perfectly organized starter build for collectors and dualists alike. a great and fantastic buy for those who wish to recreate yugi motos exodia deck build or even build yami yugis deck build from the series as a wide amount of the cards from the series are included in the set for each dualist.

as for the negative reviews i had seen i was a bit skeptical about buying this at first however i must say the package exceeded my expectations and i was blown away and beyond more than satisfied when i recieved it in the mail. for those who think that its a scam or too good to be true or have posted negative reviews i can say that either your mail delivery sucks or you did something to your deck box to complain about because i have seen no issue with my package upon arrival. so wether you want to collect rare cards such as exodia incarnate, 5 pieces of exodia, and the 3 egyptian god cards or are looking for an amazing starter deck to get back into dueling i can definitely say THIS is by far THE BEST place to start your collection or build your deck. all cards are real standard edition cards from the tcg series with original artwork from the cards used in the anime as an added bonus. those who feel sceptical in regards to the cards seeming fake are incorrect. these cards are 100% real reprint standard editions of the original cards as seen in the anime. and the god cards are all limited editon holographic cards with original artwork. overall 5/5 stars and would recommend to anyone!.”

^Words from my nerdy bf ❤️

-Credits to bf for taking the pictures of the cards that were included in the package.-

Edit: it’s almost about a month since he got it, he noticed the gold paint on the box is starting to smear off due to the heat. So if you’re looking for a decorative design to put your cards away this isn’t the one. He is able to smudge off or scratch off the design that’s on the box. Just a heads up to everyone.
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4.8 out of 5
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