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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2019
I wanted to update my review:

While this book has alot of information it is so scatter brained and horribly put together I honestly dont know how it passed the publication process. I give it two1 star because it does in fact contain good information. And heres the reason it's missing 4 stars:

Because there is no progression in learning. The explanations are completely lacking. He gives little or no explanations/context/examples when explaining new points of grammar/syntax/vocabulary. It's completely frustrating when you're trying to learn about any one subject (verbs, nouns or voices in verbs) and you have to traverse to the entire book to find it.

Basically it looks like byock had a bunch of interns slap together sections and he compiled them. In this book you can learn old norse, but you wont understand it without much supplemental help or other websites/books.

It isnt a bad option if it's in your course syllabus and your instructor explains it to you. I dont have that option and this is the most comprehensive contemporary option available for the layman.

I will never buy another title from this 'author' and I reccomend people dont waste their time on him either. If you wan to learn old norse, this is pretty much the only route (until there is an actual good book written) but at least you know what's coming.

Good luck folks
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