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Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2015
I'm disabled. Mostly bed-bound. I search and search for a good well balanced movie ... tv series ... and after ten year of going from an athlete / bungee jumper etc... to being a bed-bound - high spirited, mostly sci fi geek. I came across this movie ... it is was fun, exciting and sweet all at the same time ..(I'm not usually big on "sweet" or "sappy" - . This movie is hard to place in a category.... as a rule, I don't usually go for most romantic comedies or the constant car chase - shoot'em up movies ... or horror movies ...or politically charged movies... so finding something for me is tough. I'm a sci-fy geek mostly ... with a little Top Gun / MI / and Downton Abbey thrown in from time to time... but THIS had a little bit of almost everything to keep me entertained without rolling my eyes like the snob I can be with movies.... while it will not win any major awards ... it helped me forget about my physical pain for a while.... I'm not even a huge Tom Cruise fan ... but have liked his MI series and other similar films such as the M.D. series: Borne Identity ... This ended up being so much better than I thought. Really. I don't write a lot of reviews ... but this one I had to... it distracted me from horrible physical pain and very few movies can detracted me from that kind of suffering. I was in a bad/sad mood when I started watching it and then enjoyed myself. I only wish I would have purchased this one from instant video instead of renting. Next time I'm feeling down with nothing to watch I might give it a second look... and I normally dislike watching a movie more than once .. I get board easily. Not sure why I liked this so much ... but I just loved it. Maybe t was just what I needed. Go for it!
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