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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2019
For starters, I really like the look and feel of the switch. I also like the fact that this is capable of doing true 4K rendering at 60 Hz.

I bought two of these animals because of the reviews and specs...that, and the fact that the availability makes this a hard item to get. Because I have two, I was able to do some basic testing to make sure the problems I initially was experiencing weren't, in fact, due to bad HW. Here's what I discovered...

When you go to set up your components, MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS POWERED OFF AND DISCONNECTED!!

When I say everything, I mean everything. The components, the switch, the TV...all of it. It may not be practical, but you are better off literally unplugging the power from everything before you connect ANY HDMI cables. The pics show that I have an Xbox One X and a Sony PS4 as the only two items connected to a SONY 40" curved 4k monitor. Initially, I thought that the consoles would be ok in a "Power Rest" mode. Once I'd plugged in my HDMI cables, I plugged in the power to Switch ONE and fired up the Xbox. WOOHOO! Now, let's fire up the PS4! That's when things got weird...

Switch ONE kept intermittently flashing, meaning it would kill the vid/aud feed from Input1 (Xbox) and try to jump over to Input2 (Playstation). It would hang, then try and go back to the Xbox, be ok for a few seconds, then repeat this annoying habit of trying to go back to the PS (which was in it's Power Rest mode). Figuring that the PS was doing a 'keep awake/connected' pulse out the HDMI port, I disconnected the PS (just pulled the HDMI cable out of the Input2 port), and the Xbox was able to work with no issues. Every time I'd plug the PS back into Switch ONE (regardless of which input port), the same behavior would manifest. Flash off of Xbox, try to go to PS, go BACK to Xbox....wash, rinse, repeat.

I was able to get Switch ONE to work by powering down EVERY component (did some other tests that I won't go into here with an Apple TV) and disconnecting the switch power, as well as the power cables from the consoles. I plugged in all of my HDMI cables, THEN powered on the switch ONLY. I then plugged in and turned on the Xbox, no issues. Then plugged in and turned on the PS, VOILA! It still flashed....I know. I was hoping that would've fixed it too.

For this particular switch, I had to hold in the SWITCH button per the Mfg's directions for ~ 8 sec. to turn off the Auto-switching mode. With that done, you can see that Input 1 is Blue, Input 2 is RED and I have stability even if both consoles are on, regardless of 'power state'.

Did I mention I did some testing with two switches? After verifying that I got the same behavior on both switches (initially), I tried just powering everything down and plugging everything in to Switch TWO. Powered up Switch two, powered up Xbox, then powered up PS...oddly enough, Switch TWO was able to figure out how to navigate the issue and did not do the 'flashing' behavior. I did NOT have to hold in the SWITCH button for ~8 sec. on the second switch.

Both switches will not Auto Sense and switch. I believe that is just the best you're going to get if you have any Apple or SONY products connected to this switch. You're stuck using the remote. Which isn't that bad, you can see in pic 4 that I keep mine right on top of the Xbox, and when I'm ready to go get pwned on the PS I just pick up the remote and push the button for Input2. BOOP! Even if both consoles are powered up, it switches right over, no issues, no flashing, no drama fo' yo' mama.

Hope this helps anyone out there that's having issues getting this switch to work initially! I was able to get both to work with SONY, Xbox, PC, and Apple products connected...just no love on the auto-switching front. That's why it get's 4 stars instead of 5. I'd honestly give it 4.9 if I could, because the pic quality is perfect!!
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