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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2019
I really appreciate the content of this book - it provides information and analysis to allow people to make their own decisions about what's best for their pregnancy. I found that really refreshing when most pregnancy books I've read have been very soapbox-y and often even judgmental, and don't explain why recommendations are made.
I only gave it 3 stars because there were significant printing errors throughout the book with major areas of missing information in the section around prenatal tests. I looked at the 2014 edition reviews on Amazon and there were also comments of missing pages, so it looks like this has been an issue with this book for 5 years and the reprinted edition did not resolve it.
I feel like the rest of the book is still a very worthwhile read, but maybe better to pick up a used copy so you aren't paying full price for a book that's messed up.

Update: I bought the Audible version and it contains the missing parts. The main missing information is in the "induction" section on amniotic fluid and fetal non-stress testing.

Amniotic fluid- usually measured by whole volume but research indicates measuring the deepest vertical pocket gives a more accurate sense of if the fetus is at risk. Also, research showed drinking 2L of water before the test helped prevent low fluid. So the recommendations were to drink lots of water and ask for the vertical pocket measurement to be taken.

Non-stress test- this is done by hooking a continuous heart monitor up and looking for variation in heart rate of the baby due to them moving around. If they are asleep then they can fail the test. The author looked at studies about 2 different ways of waking them up. First was eating something sugary which didn't work. Second was to clap your hands a few times loudly right above your uterus, which did appear to work.
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