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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2017
I'm a first time mom and went through a ton of trial and error before finding the perfect bottle. I have easily tried over 10 different brands of bottles. Finally, I found Comotomo and haven't looked back. Comotomo bottles were instantly a hit with my daughter.

One of the biggest issues I ran into with bottles was the milk flow was just too fast. Even bottles that claimed to be slow flow, would end up making my baby choke or gag, with milk running down her mouth as she tried to keep up with the flow. Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown's, Avent..they all were too fast. Others had awful nipples (Munchkin Latch) that constantly collapse.

Enter Comotomo. Everything about Comotomo bottles are amazing, but to me, the best part is the nipple. It's what really sets this bottle apart from the rest. The silicone is soft and thick. Very well made. These nipples are truly wide mouth. They NEVER collapse. The dual vents are amazing for preventing gas/spit-up. And these are extremely easy to clean. These nipples also never get the permanent fog that seems to appear on a lot of other nipples. The fog that never goes away no matter how well you clean them.

My baby has a very strong sucking reflex. So, we used the 0-3 month nipple, which has one hole until she was about 6 months old. Then we switched to the 3-6 month nipple, which has two holes. She is now 9 months old and we still use the 3-6 month nipples. I don't think she will need to use a nipple beyond 3-6 months, ever. She currently can finish a 6oz bottle in about 8 minutes.

These replacement nipples are perfect for allowing me to still use my 5oz Comotomo bottles. For some reason I prefer the 5oz bottles over the 8oz bottles. Don't get me wrong, I love the 8oz ones, but I just prefer the look and feel the the 5oz bottles. PS..The 5oz bottles actually will hold 6.5 ounces if filled all of the way up.
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