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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2019
I don’t always take the time to write reviews like I probably should but I felt it was necessary on this product for a couple reasons which I will explain below.

1. The whole concept of a eco/environment friendly, RE-USEABLE notebook is just plain awesome! I have tried to switch to my iPad and Apple Pencil for note taking when it first came out, even tried fancy screen protectors with texture to feel more like paper but nothing will ever come close to the “pen to paper” feel to which I love when it comes to taking notes. Not to mention if you need to quickly jot something down, grabbing a pen and paper is much faster then your iPad - unlocking it and opening an app, a new note or notebook/page, etc…
2. This notebook by far meets my needs when it comes to a “pen to paper” feel especially considering it is re-usable and scannable to so many platforms. Speaking of platforms, there are so many to choose from. I love that this company didn’t limit you to using and having to subscribe to their own service because that would have been less appealing and probably a no go for me. The app also can transcribe your notes if you choose making it easy for you to search for things. Oh how I spent hours looking through pages for a note I wrote down, “I know it’s here somewhere…” only to never have found it… Bonus points @Rocketbook!
3. Microfiber Cloth: I am impressed at the quality of the microfiber cloth that was included. They could have easily given some thin crappy material that would have quickly deteriorated but nope, they spent the big bucks and included an extra thick and plushy cloth that makes me wish I had a bath robe or blanket made out of it! More bonus points @Rocketbook!
4. Packaging: Cute packaging however, given the nature of having an environment friendly, re-usable notebook I would think the company would at least have recyclable packaging, this should be an easy change. @Rocketbook.

Lots of pro’s and bonus points being thrown around I suppose it’s time to get to the nitty gritty, the “but…” Specifically pertaining to quality control, or is that even a thing @Rocketbook?

1. Page cut quality… If you have ANY amount of OCD, this might be a problem. I am particular about what things I have OCD about, lol. Might sound silly but this bothers me a little for a couple reasons, mainly cause the company got everything else on point and let me down at something so simple to fix for an item they want to charge an amount that seems high to most, but I am willing to pay for so is it wrong that demand perfection? I made two separate purchases of Rocketbooks (one with 2-letters sizes and one with 1-executive), two different sizes, different colors, and one being the NEW “Fusion” which contains a few different page styles and all 3 books have flaws in the cuts of pages and some in the book covers (corners). Now, hear me out… a $2 notebook from where ever can give you straight pages, please tell me why when I am spending $34 (1 executive) or $68 (2 letters) I can’t get a notebook with straight pages??!?!?!?! I am supposedly going to have this thing for forever right? This is ANNOYING and a total let down. @Rocketbook - You need to redeem yourselves! *Photos provided.

Tips: Clean up old paper notes by laying them on a Rocketbook page, add a title to the top in between double hashtags (## TITLE ##) so that it is searchable later (OCR must be enabled in settings), cross off your designated location at the bottom of the page, scan using the Rockbook app, and throw out your paper notes!!!
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