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Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2019
Overall, was I eventually moderately satisfied. The initial setup was a breeze. However, I got a rude shock when the video from a lot of channels wouldn't stream - instead of video, I got only sound and error code 020. (Of note, I was trying to run our Roku through an HDMI signal switch.)

As it turns out, a lot of HDMI signal switches/splitters sold on Amazon are NOT HDCP compatible. (HDCP is a form of digital copy protection; I only learned about this when trying to troubleshoot this Roku). A lot of channels available on the Roku use HDCP. So, as a result, content from those channels could not be streamed from the Roku to our TV through our HDMI switch/splitter. It took some Googling to figure this out - the Roku support article regarding HDCP error messages mostly discussed unplugging and replugging things, and turning things on and off again. It did not mention HDMI signal switch/splitter incompatibility. I would have been up and running more quickly, and ultimately more satisfied, if that had been the case.

After figuring this out, I plugged the Roku directly into the TV, and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, I had to rearrange all of our other HDMI inputs in order to do this.

If you are reliant on HDMI switches/splitters, figure out if your switch is HDCP compatible before getting this incarnation of Roku.

Also, it is advertised that the Roku mobile app has a keyboard function - on my iOS, the the mobile remote control functions that I've tried work, with the exception of the mobile keyboard. Hopefully a Google search will yield a fix, but I would be even more satisfied if this keyboard feature worked right out of the box.


The remote control stopped working after a month. It's a good thing there is a mobile Roku app. Otherwise, we'd have to order a new remote.
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