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Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2020
Purchased these for hands free music and calls on morning walks around the area. Had some inexpensive wired ear buds that worked fine, but was really hoping to get away from the wire.

No connection or operational issues with iPhone XS. Everything works as advertised out of the box with no fuss. Only gripe here is volume range is anemic. Got to turn them way up to get a full sound.

Fit, and therefore sound quality, is a bit disappointing. As with all “in ear” devices, a good seal in the ear canal is a make or break requirement for good sound. These things are bulky, awkward, and difficult to “get right” despite trying different tips and adjusting the over-the-ear support. The bulbous housing for the driver limits how far the ear cup can penetrate into the ear canal, limiting the seal. The only way I can get strong bass is to apply slight pressure on each earpiece with each hand to improve the seal. So much for “hands free”.

I will keep them as they serve my main purpose. However, these are hardly impressive. Some buyers may have better results, but others may be disappointed.

As a reviewer, I happen to also be a professional musician with extensive experience with multi-driver, custom molded, earpieces. Different level (and investment), but still what I compare consumer-grade earpieces to for reference. Against this high benchmark, these are “just ok”.

Update: Reduced review from 3 to 1 star. Really struggling to even use these after a few weeks of really trying. Sound quality is weak and thin. Fit is fiddly and uncomfortable. Starting to randomly skip to the next song before the current song is finished.

Very disappointed in this product. Be prepared to send them back if you take a chance and purchase.
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