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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2019
Hello! It is I, KolyChloBug... AKA KitteyKatPlayz... I cant choose a name... so my official name will be KittyKat/KitteyKat which ever you would like... I know that I am probably being weird right now but who cares...
In Steve the Nob 1 Steve wakes up in a flat, flat land... he sees a few hopping green boxes, Steve then decides that they will give him directions to a safe place. BUT NOOO!!! Steve is forced to RUN AWAY from these EVIL CUBES and find other ways of directions. As he runs away he sees a couple houses and BOOM hes off. Once he gets their, he makes a friend, but he dies due to a skeleton attack. He is then the protector of the town. He himself makes a bow with arrows. He makes a wall of dirt with the peope of town and they celebrate in "sucsess". Buuuuut......... oh.. dont want to spoil it now do I? Trust me, this book is awesome, but without book 2, there would be no backbone! The series would be a floppy mess let me tell ya!
Thats all for now, just a quick story brain starter if you have read the book already and a question for STN, the author.

1. Did Steve have a potato after the sime attack?
A. Yes
B. No
2. What did Steve do to a jerks house?
A. Burn it
B. Raid it
C. Steal wood off the back
D. Lock the door from the inside and break out the back
3. FINAL QUESTION: Did you like the book?
B. no
C. Maybe
ANSWERS: 1- A. 2- C 3- A or D.
Note to STN. WHEN IS BOOK 45 comming???!!!????!????? IS IT EVEN COMMING??!??? YOU'RE KILING ME!!!!!!!!!!
Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =^·^=
-KitteyKat UwU
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