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Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2018
I went with this because it was $35 instead of $79 and I don't really need the ability to swing left/right in this installation. I will get one of those for my other home where the TV is in the corner. Let me start by saying that contrary to almost every product on the market these days, instructions were OUTSTANDING. Customer support is also available on YouTube through numerous 'how to' videos by the public. So buy this brand instead of a no-name. Pretty easy install, holds my 98 lb plasma 50". Fits a 9 y/o Panasonic just fine. However, unlike the fully articulating version, this has some serious flaws for those who need to tilt their TV down seriously, such as an install over a fireplace.
1. The freaking lockdown screws that keep the part mounted to the TV from sliding off the wall mount portion are not accessible with the TV tilted! I had to take my heavy TV down and readjust them to get the tilt I wanted twice. And even then I had to screw them in with a LONG phillips head screwdriver. Big goof here.
2. They say you have to adjust the Tilt BEFORE you mount the TV to the wall. The knobs for that are hard to reach when on the wall, and the mere addition of a hex keyed knob so a tool could reach it would be a big improvement.

This is a 5 star mount if they fix these two issues, but honestly for someone who wanted a 15 degree down tilt, it seems almost un-installable.
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