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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2016
This is the greatest story ever written. The doctor should have been hyped to Dr. Suess PhD, DDS, MD OvLuv because the man can spin a tail that brings tears to the most masculine of eyes. If you are into that whole men need to be tough thing. During my life, people have tried to argue for other books in the Seuss library, but those folks are wrong. Opinion does not even play a part.

Stanford University did a study on the perfect combinations of words and then applied the equation to every book ever written. Green Eggs and Ham came out with the highest score. In fact, the second place score was 50% of the GEaH score. Don't bother looking it up because there are RFbF (Red Fish blue Fish) members that have infiltrated the librarian society and erased all of the evidence.

It's a damn shame when people are still trying to deny the WORD. They have created songs to distract you telling you that the bird is in fact the word. Well it isn't the word, Kyle!
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