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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2014
Brilliant writing! Brilliant strategy in the structuring of this book. Brilliantly articulated.

Reading Half the Sky is a harrowing undertaking. Often I was outraged and angry in reading this book. I wept often at the grief and pain of the plight of girls and women on the planet. I feel deeply disappointed with the inexcusable and untenable actions of we humans perpetrate on one another. These actions are juxtaposed - antithetical to - the unutterable and profound beauty of Life herself. The discomfort notwithstanding, all of us are well served to be pained deeply at the indignities girls and women live with. We need to be roused from our ostensible comfort - to have our worldview shattered. To be rousted into the rigorous self-discipline of "SEEING" girls and women. Of letting go of our subtle and not-so-subtle subjugation of them.

To me, there is no issue of greater importance than making place for the honoring of girls and women; of freeing girls and women from the inexcusable crimes against humanity perpetrated against them in all moments of their lives! All other crises are of lesser import. The path out of contemporary perils begins by giving place to the feminine, to her wisdom, voice, her brilliance, her creativity, her promise, her dignity, innocence and spiritual beauty.

Our world needs appropriate countervailing forces to those of misogyny and patriarchy. This book educates us some of the issues and some of the necessary steps onward. It appropriately pushes back.

Bravo! Well done in insinuating the promise of your work into the record, and for your stellar contribution toward the tipping point toward a more life-affirming humanity.

Wouldn't it be grand were this book required reading in every secondary school? Every associate degree, trade, undergraduate, graduate, and professional school? A prerequisite for all employment - self or other. For every elected and appointed public or political office? Repeated exposure to this book and it's worldview until our thinking and actions were honoring, welcoming, supportive and responsive - positively - to the lives of girls and women.

I am heartened and changed by my reading of this book - Half the Sky.
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