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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2017
Like another reviewer, I'd probably give this a 3.5 overall. I liked the characters and the setting was interesting, but I found myself wishing that Gav'n and Jakk would have treated her better. Jakk grew angry at one point at how people at the market "Demoralized" Mira, but they did that from the start. Forcing her to be naked, allowing no underwear, forcing desire on her....those were all ways to demoralize someone. And not allowing her fresh air, punishing her for doing something that made their nieces happy, it just was frustrating. They seemed to truly care about Mira, and recognized that she was capable of so much more, but neither man really did anything about it. At one point, Jakk noticed that Mira is losing weight because she can only eat a few foods, but again, he does nothing about it!

I'm getting a bit frustrated with how the women in this series - strong and brightest of the bright - capitulate so quickly! Within a day they're falling over themselves with desire and having sex with the men who hold them prisoner and hurt and demean them! I wish Mira would have been strong for longer, and I really wish she wouldn't have forgiven Gav'n so quickly at the end. The man truly betrayed and hurt her, but within an hour, she's falling all over him. I loved the girls - they were a great addition - and I did like seeing the men finally come around. Just wish it would have happened a bit sooner, and that we'd seen a bit more into the future - Mira seeing her friends again and being able to have a job and contribute to society. Hopefully that will come in a future installment.

If you like this series, you'll enjoy this one.
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