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Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2016
Mort is an awkward young man. He’s not really good at anything. His dad isn’t even sure what to do with him. So he takes young Mort to a job fair in town with the hopes of passing him off to someone else. No one seems interested in choosing Mort as an apprentice until just before midnight. Someone on a white horse and wearing a black cape comes up and offers Mort a job. Mort’s father believes the position is for an undertaker; but in reality the anthropomorphic personification of “Death” himself offers young Mort a position as his apprentice. Thus begins a pretty darn funny adventure as Mort does his best (and continually fails) to learn to be “death”.
I believe this is book four in Terry Pratchett’s “Diskworld” series. It was recommended to me by a friend and he assured me that I didn’t need to read the previous three books to be able to read this one. He was right. While it’s my understanding that “death” makes appearances in some of the other books, I was perfectly able to follow along in this one without any prior introduction to the series. The book is silly – downright ridiculous at times, but is genuinely funny. There are almost laugh out loud moments in the book and Pratchett does a good job of painting a Mort character that all of us can relate to at different points in our lives. The humor and style of the book is not something that I would probably choose to read all of the time, but served as a great “pallet cleanser” between more serious novels. I certainly did enjoy the story and wouldn’t hesitate to read Pratchett again when I’m in the mood for a good laugh. Well done.
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