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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2009
When I first played one of the Sega fishing games on the Dreamcast way back when it first came out, I thought that it was one of the funnest games I had ever played. Now, that was the marine fishing version,  Sega Marine Fishing , and we did have the fishing controller, so it was a ton of fun. It was really the only game we all wanted to play back then.

However, I think Sega Bass Fishing is more fun, especially since we do regularly catch bass in this part of the country. It's nice to see that they have a variety of locations to fish at, and a number of lures to do so as well. I'm always catching my dad experimenting with the locations and lures to see which work the best where.

As for the graphics and sould, for being a game that is a decade old, they have held up great, although the Wii version, 
Sega Bass Fishing , does look somewhat nicer and sounds better. When you hook a fish in the Dreamcast version, a high-toned Japanese girl voice will say "Fish," and the voice giving you directions also sounds a little too Japanese. With the Wii version, they cleaned that up and sounds more like a native English speaker (oh, and no more high-toned Japanese girl voice when you hook the fish).

Also preferred over the Wii version would be the controllers. With the Dreamcast, they made a special fishing controller with the reel on the right-hand side and great vibration when you're reeling your fish in. While you can get a fishing rod for the Wii, you basically just place the Wiimote and nunchuck in holders, plus they can break easily if you reel too hard. It is worth it to get a fishing controller for the Dreamcast but not for the Wii, however with the Wii version, you may have to get used to reeling with your left hand if that is the hand you normally hold the nunchuck and vise versa.

So, if you still have a Dreamcast, or just recently picked one up, make sure to get this game or the 
Sega Marine Fishing  game. Then make sure to get a fishing controller as well. Sega made one, but we are a 3rd party brand and it works just as good. Once you have a game and a controller, get ready for some fun!
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