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Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2019
I did a series of personal one on one sessions with Durek 10 years ago when he had a home office in Silverlake. While I think he genuinely believes in himself my experience of him and his modalities were not helpful to my healing. He didn't have any insight as to what was physically going on with me and I moved on. In my experience he isn't a true healer. To anyone attempting to discredit my review by questioning my ability to be open to his healing powers : To place blame on me is abusive and inaccurate. I went to Durek with a pure and open heart, not to mention paying him a ton of money. To all the haters who are threatened by my review: whatever dis- ease you are experiencing in reaction to my review is your own darkness that you aren't dealing with. Never have I stated don't buy the book or don't support Durek, I respect free will and have compassion for lower vibrations. I am simply stating my experience which is not up for discussion. When someone is selling something and actively recruiting positive amazon reviews via his Instagram in exchange for a chance to win something I feel called to speak up. I truly wish you all healing with or without Durek's musings. I will not be responding to any more vitriolic attacks and hateful comments. If you don't like what I have to say, tough luck.
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