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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2017
A nice read. Fun. Real fun. A conclusive and satisfying ending for me.

Could have been a 5 star if the geography knowledge wasn't a bit illogical and the bad characters too politically correct. At first JR knows nothing about London, cannot find a 5-star hotel but suddenly he knows commuting time, down to the minute between different parts of London, while at the same time he doesn't know he has to pay for grocery bags in shops. JR and the author mix up their knowledge too much.**

The bad guys are white as usual and bad blacks are absent (except in real life UK prisons). The best girls are usually of color. The usual addicts, all three of them are pure white.

** [JR remembers] "We checked the map at the station and used the District Line, which had a stop at a place called St James’s Park, which sounded like it might be near some fancy places. Which it was. We came up into the night air and saw signs to Westminster Abbey in one direction and Buckingham Palace in the other. And there was a big hotel right across the street." ---- JR has no clue where he is.

** [JR speaking next day] "But London is big and traffic is slow and we’re all the way on the other side of town. They’ve got to get a little convoy together. That’s ten minutes, right there, even if they’re all on the ball. Then they’ll have to loop all the way north in a big wide circle, or come all the way through the centre of the city. The East End, Westminster, Paddington. Could be we have an hour." --- JR knows London's geography and commuting times by heart.
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