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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
My dentist recommended I get an electric toothbrush because I scrub too hard. [Aside: that may have something to do with my mom being an orthodontic assistant and saying things like, "If you're gums don't bleed, you're not brushing hard enough."] Either way, I picked a midrange brush with a pressure sensor and a quandrant time.

First of all, my teeth have never felt this clean at home! Only after a dental appointment with all the gritty bits and water pistol rinsing and anxiety and mess. It's amazing! I even didn't brush this morning to see how long the feeling would last, and it's almost noon and still... smooth and clean!

I read through the manual (don't roll your eyes - I was looking for how the pressure sensor worked!) and it mentioned this toothbrush has an EasyStart mode that slowly increases the performance of the brush over the first 14 uses to get you accustomed to brushing.

So I'm thinking, "I'm a 30-something who's been brushing since I could stand. How seriously different can this be?"

I placed the brush against my back teeth like the manual recommended and then turned it on - WOW. I have never had a whole-head sensation like that before! It tickled and buzzed so hard, I started laughing and couldn't stop for the entire two minute brush timer. I missed three of the four "move to a new quadrant" beeps because every time I rearranged the brush, the tingling changed and sent me off into gales of laughter again. It wasn't just LOLing, y'all. My eye makeup was ruined, and I dribbled toothpaste all over the sink. My lazy little dog even came in to check on me. I had a full ab workout in two minutes.

I understand why they try to get you accustomed to it - this is quite the experience. I'm actually kinda looking forward to brushing my teeth again tonight.
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