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Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2020
I was strict keto for 2 years and used a similar product during that time. I went off keto for 1 year and started backup this January! I was very disappointed to find out that the product I was using before was no longer being offered on Amazon, and I'm having difficulties finding it anywhere else as well. In my search for a suitable replacement I came across keto 2000, I like the fact that it is liquid, the previous product I was using was a powder that had to be mixed with water, I find the liquid to be much simpler to use! Oddly enough the flavor was almost identical to the product I was using before! It has a slight fruity flavor nothing strong or overpowering and nothing that your palate cannot handle. Keto 2000 got me through the keto flu, and keeps me on track! I went back to strict keto on January 7th, using keto 2000 from day one, by January 13th I had lost eight pounds, by January 20th I had lost an additional four. Keto 2000 suppresses my appetite, keeps my energy up, and helps me keep clear and focused. The other great benefit is it's liquid, so it is easy to throw the bottle in your purse or bring it with you wherever you are going! I know there are a lot of opinions on whether or not you need BHB salts when doing Keto, I have always used them, and through my keto journey I have lost 72 lb while using BHB salts. And if any of you are wondering what I learned in my year off of Keto? I will never do that again, I gain 17 lb, was sluggish, foggy, and a bit grumpy at times :-) I'm so happy to be back strict keto, my body feels like it's functioning the way it should again, and I'm almost back into those size 6 jeans!
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