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Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2016
*So for everyone who just wants to know if this is a good buy and worth the money, yes it is. It is well constructed, looks very nice and is infinitely sturdy.

For those who want a more detailed review, here we go! So, starting with the look of the gate, it is less like a infant/dog gate and more like a tiny garden gate. We use it on our stairs so that when we're away it ensures the dogs don't find themselves a fancy new potty spot or new pair of underwear to toss around. It is important to note that this gate has a door for a reason, it is not the traditional lightweight wooden and white plastic baby gate, this thing is STURDY. It's very high quality metal that requires an (pretty easy) installation. So its not something you'd want to buy if you're looking to take a gate up and down as it would be way too cumbersome for that.

Although we don't have to worry about tiny hands trying to open the gate door, I'm sure that's the reason many of you are interested in this product, and I'll tell you it is really well designed for that function. It has three different childproof mechanisms, the first is that you have to slide a tab over at the top of the gate to release the door latch, the second is that you have to actually lift up on the door itself for it to open at all, and the third is that it is spring loaded with a pretty sizable spring force in order to close the door behind you. While I love the first two mechanisms because they have been added in a way that doesn't add any visual bulk to the gate, it's the third one that concerns me. This is why it lost a star- as I said it really does have a sizable force behind the spring and this thing will SLAM shut. So in the (albeit unlikely) instance of any little fingers making their way in there, it wouldn't end well, and as unlikely as it may be with the first two precautions, trouble like that just seems to follow kids around so you might as well take it into consideration.

Overall this product gets 4 stars but I would certainly recommend it for its sturdy construction and the way it blends into our home without looking like a cheap baby gate. The spring loaded door return is too intense for my comfort and makes a loud slam when you go through if you don't hold and close it behind you. That being said, I'm really glad we bought this because its definitely the best thing going as far as its function and design.

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