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Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2013
This book really surprised me because of the two unusual, combined story lines. Both are about family dynamics and how they can affect us for the rest of our lives. One story is about two grown half- sisters who have at best, a strained relationship of the briefest kind. When both of them were children, they lived a part-time life with their egocentric mother who valued her happiness and dreams over and above the needs of her love starved daughters. Married multiple times, she flits from place to place, dragging her young daughters while pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. Living in dilapidated trailers and apartments with little or no guidance from their mother, the older girl gradually assumes the role of mother to her sister. Both sisters grow close and depend on each other to emotionally survive their unpredictable, gypsy life. But an "incident" occurs and suddenly the younger sister is deserted by her older, teen aged sister and then left to live with a father she has never met before. The affect on both sisters is devastating and changes their relationship forever.

The second story within this story is about a guilty and beaten down man whose life no longer has meaning. Life is hopeless and over for him since the "incident" that happened three years ago. He survives day to day by working at odd jobs while eventually moving from town to town.

The characters of both stories intertwine and relationships develop to change all of their lives.

I could not put this book down because of the intensity and depth of all these great characters and their stories. I really loved this book and intend to follow this author.
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