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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2018

Used these on a three-day camping trip recently, and they held up as expected. Washed them again after the trip, and there was no color bleeding during the second wash. Taking this set (took all three towels) just reminded me of how much I need that snap loop. We typically take our towels' loops and hang them to a tree branch to dry. But because the smaller towels did not have a loop, we had to hang them on our camping chairs. Thankfully, these towels dry super fast. They were ready to be packed away after an hour of sitting out in the shade. No wet towel smell!

Here's a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

Quick drying
Compact and light - easy to travel with
Good stitching
Full-length zipper carry bag that comfortably fits all three towels

No snap loop***
Color bleeds during first wash

*** this is a big one

Updating this review to three stars from the original two stars.

Original review:

Good price for three towels and a carry pouch. However, I do have a qualm with the towels compared to some of their competitors, and it's a pretty big one: the big towel is the only towel with a loop. The loop is handy for not only just holding the entire towel set together, but for hanging. You can hang it on anything with a hook/opening, but you can't hook it to anything because it's not a snap loop. The other two towels have no loops. When I go camping, I can't attach the face towel to my hanging toiletry bag. I didn't even realize how much I depended on the snap loop on my other microfiber towels until I got the set from OlimpiaFit. It's my fault for not reading the description, but I thought it was a given feature since I have a few other brands of microfiber towels, and they all come with a snap loop.

Lack of a snap loop did really bring down the convenience of the towels. People use these for different things, and for what I need them for, based on my habits, I prefer that snap loop.

Quality of the towels are good. Stitching did not come out after first wash. However, the color did run in the washing machine, and it stained a few things during wash. If the color runs again on the next wash, I'm abandoning these. Really hoping they don't so I can use them for other things (maybe less for the outdoors and more in the home).
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