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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2017
I sent the first one back to get another. It came today I am wearing it now, it works fine but has the same issues as the last one but this one has a better strap. on the down side this one is put together so poorly the "adjust" button is almost not push- able.had to use the tip of a pen to set the watch... the metal button is lower than the plastic rubber of the watch. look in the picture, three silver metal buttons show but not the fourth for adjust. and yes for those of you that cant wait to call me out i know it is inset slightly on purpose to prevent unwanted mishaps, but this ones way too inset. I know how it should be, this isnt my first 5600 frame g shock. blah. and just like the first the screen still moves under the crystal when i push any buttons. I realize this old model is not the expensive g shock any more but i jeez g shocks used to have better quality control? i figured one bad one now and then is nothing but two for two. ive had six g shocks and about 25 casio watches,most all of them were great, not these two. not the sellers fault both showed up on time well packed with everything they should have with them like warranty cards etc. ill keep this one i guess, just trash it when the battery dies.

watch showed up on time already running in the correct box with all the correct cards etc. it looks like the one i had two decades ago but it dont feel like it. I loved my old g shock but lost it and never found it. bought a new one when the price was right this week, was excited about it. opened it and looked it over and the watch was a little disappointing within just a couple minutes. the quality control for casio must not be what it used to be. the old one i had i remember it being very well made and very tough. on the new watch the strap feels cheap, the buttons are not crisp to push, its no longer metal cased in front but a plastic / rubber that is separate from the watch. the most disappointing part, while setting time and date i noticed when i push the buttons for the light or start / stop or in manual speak buttons b and d, the face of the watch moves to the left inside the case and plastic rubber cover overlay even with the slightest pressure on those buttons. so to explain further, when you push buttons b or d with enough strength to make the button function for its purpose the digits on the face actually shift to the left inside the case and you can clearly see it happen from a normal distance that you would look at the watch to see the time of day from! its moving fractions of an inch but still, it shouldnt at all. the g shock 5600 i had years ago was like a little tank and i played baseball went fishing went to work at labor jobs and more and it held up. this one i suspect will breakdown after about a year if im careful with it. maybe i just got a bad one that slipped by. ive had a lot of casio watches and nearly all of them worked well and lasted longer than the price i paid for them would have justified. its good looking classic watch but im sad in the new build quality.
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