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Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2009
After years of wanting a Wii, we finally got one! And, of course, like any overly-excited newbie, I couldn't wait to get the new WiiFit (WiiFit Plus). I picked it up at midnight, with the Balance Board. (TIP: if ur buying from brick-and-mortar stores, call ahead, it took me an hour to convince them that it was ok to sell it to me, and it was already 12:30a!) I got home, set it up (took just a few minutes, mostly unwrapping) and played until 5am! I was nearly falling asleep between games, but it was so much fun, I couldn't stop! Now, THAT's a motivator to work out! It even asked if I was a 'NIGHT OWL' and I had the option to keep my "day" 'open' until 3am, for those late-night workout sessions!

Without leaving my 12'x12' living room, I can do: Circus Juggling, Skateboarding, Island Cycling, HulaHooping, Rhythm Parade, Segwaying, & Perfect 10 - these are the ones I like the most right now. My current favorite is the Bulls-Eye game (you flap your arms to 'fly' over water and reach platforms!) It's just awesome! And, it's cool that most of the activities are all on the same island - so you can bike it, run it, walk it, fly it, segway it, float it, bounce it, etc.! I also like that, in most games (not the Bubble one, tho), you don't 'die' if you do it 'wrong'. Nothing's worse than almost getting to the end of a cycling game, and then running into a tree and having to start over - ugh! But, with WiiFit, it's so pleasant, you just maneuver your way back on track! No stress! Yet, I like that u still do collect points - I already have a competition to 'beat' my BF's scores - I even left him a 'note' on the wii to try to beat mine in a couple of games, when he woke up! We haven't tried the 'multiplayer' mode yet.

I LOVE the 'make your own' routine - you pick as many activities as you want, from dozens of Yoga Postures, and Strength Training choices (they even tell you how long the total 'workout' will take, as you make your selections) and then you hit 'start'; and it cycles thru them, one-after-the-other, checking off each one, as you go; and, saving the 'routine' for the future. If you don't need to have that much customization, or if you need more guidance, you can choose from 5 options for a pre-made routine (Lifestyle, Health, Youth, Form, & Combine), or you can click the cute balance board graphic and it creates one for you! The tracking capability is nice, complete with graphs, and a visual calendar which I 'stamp' every day I use the WiiFit. You can even add your daily step count AND activities you do outside of the WiiFit! This appeals to my analytical and visual side! Another option it gives you is that you can choose a food (from a selection of 20 or so), and then make a daily goal to burn as many calories as that food has - I didn't realize sticky rice had so many calories!

It calculates your BMI from your user-entered height and a balance board-measured weight. The weight measurement seemed a little off, as it made both me and my BF about 5-10 lbs lighter than we've been told, from other scales. But, that's A-OK with me! (NOTE: if you use it on carpet, adding the little "carpet feet" will improve accuracy, and potentially, gameplay response). Our weight measurements "normalized" with the little feet added. It seems like it's mostly set up to help you lose weight and burn calories (while improving your balance & posture), however my BF and I have different goals - I'm trying to lose 20 lbs, and he's trying to gain 20 lbs. The Wii did rightfully call him underweight and told him to do strength-training to build muscle. It just laughed at me and told me to 'strap in'! haha - jk!

While it might not be 100% perfect (wish there was no 'dying' in the Balance Bubble or Tightrope game; and in the snowball fight, it'd be nice to have the option to physically move my arm to throw, instead of just pushing 'A' to throw; skateboarding goes thru a long 'training run' every time you play; it would be cool if Super Hula Hoop was more than just Left AND Right circles (like add arms or something); and oh, to be able to enter total calories eaten for the day; etc.), it sure is a LOT of fun and DEFINITELY motivates u to MOVE! The corny but pleasant music, scenery, and challenges are already helping me look forward to getting going in the morning and coming home at night. You earn fit credits, with activities, which then allow you to unlock more advanced activities, giving you a good bit of motivation to keep going - imagine if they gave you 'legal trade' currency coins for working out! Plus, it always fits into my schedule: I can do as little as a *minute* of activity or as much as I want! It's closer than a gym, there's no monthly dues, you can wear whatever you want, it's open at 3am, the smoothies are always organic, and (depending on where u play) there isn't that icky/smelly/sticky/germy/loud atmosphere of a typical gym! Team up with a friend, for a little extra motivation and competition!

For those who aren't familiar with video games, (or who see them as a 'waste' of time) this is a great one to 'start' with. The Wii is my first real game system (other than an old Intellivision, we've had Super Nintendo, Game Cube, & Playstations in the house, but with all those cryptic buttons and 'codes', and my busy schedule, I never bothered with them). However, the Wii was up and running in no time and the 'controls' are very intuitive. I've even had a lot of 'older' people playing and having fun, in short order! The Balance Board was easy to set up, easy to figure out, and is SUPER fun to play with, oh, and I burned a boatload of calories - woo-hoo! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Wii Balance Board AND the WiiFit Plus!

Did another 30 mins this afternoon: tried the Penguin Game and the Flame and the Tightrope - all were lots of fun (keeping the flame still was a little stressful with noisy neighbors!)

My parents just came over and I had them try it out, using the "Trial" mode, so they didn't have to go through the in-depth setup process - my mom really liked the HulaHoop activity and my dad really liked the Bull's Eye activity (where you flap your wings to fly and land on targets!) We had such a great time - it was hilarious to watch each other!! The trial mode is a great feature - it lets you share your WiiFit Plus experience with guests who are not looking to set up a whole profile and get weighed and do balance tests, etc. Of course, there are those 'measurement' options in the Trial mode, if a guest user so chooses, they just won't be able to save their profile.

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