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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2015
My Thoughts: Yay! I finally get to review one of the Wings of Fire books, because most of the time my brother, Oscar, insists on reviewing them.
Anyways, I just love these books. The characters are hilarious, the writing fun and easy, the mystery incredible, and everything else about it amazing. I loved hearing about the NightWings and how Sutherland eases the reader slowly into the dragon's world of war and shows us a little more of the mystery with each book. (Mystery being with the NightWings, RainWings, Blister, the prophecy, and the replacement dragonets...). Glory's POV was one I have waited for for a LONG time (OK, I've a waited for all of them, but who wouldn't want to hear about Starflight, or Sunny, or Tsunami, or.... ALL OF THEM) and it didn't disappoint. Her character was spot-on, and we finally got to learn a little bit more about her feelings towards being a RainWing. Blaze was hilarious - exactly the opposite of her sisters, kind of like a mix between Sunny and Queen Red Riding Hood from the Land of Stories - and Queen Glacier left me curious and intrigued about her character. (As a side note, I'm still confused about why there isn't an IceWing dragonet. It doesn't mention it in the prophecy - maybe the author added it in to show how flawed the prophecy really is? I don't know. Has anyone else realized this?) The end of the book, with SPOILER, Glory trying to become queen, was awesome, too.
Pretty much every about this book, this series, was amazing, fun, rolling on the floor with laughter, PERFECT. :)
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