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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
I feel I need to approach this review from 2 perspectives:
1. If you are somewhat new to the Kindle experience and you bought this one.
2. If you are a previous Kindle or Paperwhite owner and upgraded to this one.

If you are NEW TO THE EXPERIENCE or upgrading from an old Kindle like a Keyboard, welcome. This new Kindle merits 5 stars. You're going to love it. Here are some Kindle Paperwhite features you'll enjoy:
* Built in light. Reading in bed while someone is trying to sleep next to you is now an easy joy.
* Touch screen. Getting around your Kindle is easy. Turn pages, shop in the store, all by touching the screen.
* Waterproof. This is a new feature to this Kindle. Bring it in the pool worry free!
* Bluetooth. Sync this up with a speaker or headphones to have a book read to you.

Besides that, this Kindle is thin and light. It doesn't fatigue your hand at all. The fonts are adjustable for size. The light is adjustable for brightness. The color of the light is somewhat grayish. My older Paperwhite had the blueish hue which I found a little unnatural. I bought the Amazon case and when you close the cover the Kindle automatically sleeps and when you open the cover it automatically wakes up. I find this Kindle to be a little faster than the previous version. If this is your first Paperwhite there is only reason to be content with your purchase.

Now, if you are UPGRADING FROM AN OLDER PAPERWHITE I'd still be happy (I'm still glad I did upgrade) but there were a few things that made me go hmmmm.

First off I expected this Kindle to have the latest software. It didn't. I'm waiting for the update where the home page scrolls and you could save font themes. Why doesn't a brand new Kindle not have the latest software? Not a deal breaker because I know the update will be coming, but my old Paperwhite was updated. Last time I checked the update page it didn't even show the update for this version. A little disappointing.

Secondly, I had the Paperwhite from a few versions ago, the one with 212 ppi. Upgrading to this one with 300 ppi, I expected the font to be sharp, bold, and clear. Well, I'll just say that it didn't stink. Actually I found it to be a little greyed out, a little washed out to say it another way. Now, this is totally adjustable of course. The font could be bolded and size changed. But again, a little disappointed.

The software is exactly the same as my older version, minus the upgrade of course. I wish Amazon would give us more fonts to choose from. I know that we could download fonts now but it would just be nice if they were built in to begin with.

So my two biggest gripes are not shipped with the latest software and underwhelming font sharpness. From this perspective I'd give it a 3 1/2 or 4 star rating.

But having said that I have no regrets upgrading at all. I would do it again. The Paperwhite experience in general is something I find amazing. When I'm finished with a book I go right to the store and check out samples, download free classics, or pull the trigger on a purchase based on my mood right then and there. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

If you are new to Kindle or upgrading from a really old one don't let my gripes deter you. The Paperwhite is the gold standard of e-readers. At an affordable price you're getting this gold standard. And since this Kindle boasts being waterproof, bluetooth, being thinner and lighter, and with 8gb of storage, it's a no brainer.
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