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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2019
i needed this only for amazon prime. i have satellite internet (i live in the country) with limited data. setup was easy, though roku will ask you what channels you subscribe to (i said none) what your interests are (i didn't select any) and what channels you want to add (they're free to add! - they don't tell you you'll pay for content). then it ignored all of that and spent fifteen minutes installing 30 channels on my device. between that the and immediate software update, it used 600 MB of my precious data. but wait, it gets worse! the amazon prime app on this device doesn't allow you to select streaming quality, so it was streaming at 1080p burning through 1.5 GB/hour of programming. also, the video and audio were out of sync and the app failed to connect about 75% of the time, telling me my internet connection was bad when every other app on the device could see the internet just fine. and then, of course, there's the constant advertising on the roku home screen. it's going back and i'll just buy dvds for the shows that come 'free' with my amazon prime subscription. cheaper in the long run and i can watch off line. oh, i wasted almost an hour with four different techs on amazon chat trying to fix the issues (they kept handing me off) to no avail. a lot of this may be amazon's fault (they've crossed the line to evil now), but bottom line is it doesn't do what i need.
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