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Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2017
I decided to DNA test my dog, but also to try three different testing services to compare the results. I used what looked like the most popular services: Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel, Embark, and DNA My Dog. Long-story-short, Mars returned the results surprisingly quickly, while DNA My Dog took ridiculously long to get the results (ironic, since the speed of results is one of its marketing points), but hands down Embark took by far the longest to return results. The services were not wholly consistent in their results. They all provided the same primary breed ancestry, but did not agree on the secondary breeds. Both Mars and Embark provided the same breed results. DNA My Dog appeared to provide results more closely aligned with the picture of the dog I uploaded, but different from the other two. Subsequently, I tested another dog with both Mars and DNA My Dog. I did not upload a picture. Mars returned correct results based on what was known about the dog. DNA My Dog provided ridiculously wrong results (large breed results for a 19 pound dog). Embark is superior to Mars in the amount and depth of analysis provided, especially the health analysis. All in all, I’m inclined to favor Mars for faster, lower cost results delivery. However, if time and price are not an issue, then Embark provides the most comprehensive, informative, and interesting results. I do not recommend DNA My Dog.
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