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Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2014
This game is a bust! It is only a 1 person game unless you are in the toybox mode. But even then, the Wii version does not offer everything that the other systems offer. Disney played on the Skylander theme and bombed! Skylanders is a fun game that I can play with my children. The items within skylanders have symbols and colors so my younger childrem can follow it. Disney Infinity is all written out. If your child cannot read and comprehend what he is reading, he will be lost. This game is very confusing and hard, even for us adults, to figure out. The Wii version is missing a lot of the "fun" items so what you saw on the commercials, IS NOT what you get. Why the Wii got the shaft, I dont know. If you have an Xbox or another system, this game might be fun... but it is not with the Wii. This is probably one of the worst gifts that I have ever purchased for my kids. I tell everyone that is thinking about buying the game (for Wii) not to. I have even gone up to strangers in the store (if they are looking at the package) and explained the disappointment that this game has caused. If you go out on ebay, craigslist, or any other selling site, you will see a ton of Disney Infinity games for sale. People are realizing that Disney tried to use their popular name to sell a crappy product! This game is literally the worst Wii game that I have purchased! I couldnt even sell it at my garage sale!
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